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Things British MP’s have yet to claim on expenses

May 16, 2009

In what apparently was one of the worst weeks for British politics, mainly due to the awesome power of the Freedom of Information Act and it’s ability to allow the mortal citizens of the United Kingdom to discover (with some horror) the things that British Members of Parliament (MP’s) have been claiming as “reasonable expenses”, I though it might be fun to develop list some things that have yet to be claimed.  Here’s my list so far…

  • Truffle Hunting Pigs (ie: truffling pigs)
  • In-house Pheasant Plucker
  • Toe waxing machine (with Toe wax)
  • In-house nose hair trimmer
  • Mahogany Trouser Press (oh no… that one’s been claimed already)

Feel free to add a comment with your suggestions.

[100% of MP’s surveyed believed that “truffling pigs” should be a “reasonable expense”]