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Ship “ahoy”

April 27, 2009

The Ship was rocking on the weekend.  After returning Saturday morning from Tokyo, I managed to have some “quality time” at the local. Of course, this summer things are a little different.  It seems every weekend there’s a stage band.


It was great to catchup with a few friends, enjoy the British Sun (yup it showed up for the afternoon) and attempt to recover from jetlag.

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Free Credit Reports…

April 23, 2009

I’m confused… With so many companies are offering “free” credit reports and so many of them spamming me about receiving them, why don’t they just save time and send me the actual report instead of emails about a free report?  

I mean, they’ve already got my email address (and probably other personal information).  Just send me the report and save yourselves and myself time (and network traffic, power, etc etc)

[95% of people surveyed believed “free credit reports” are clogging the internet and are thus responsible for increasing global warming]


There’s nothing like fresh air!

April 18, 2009

Finally managed to get out of London for a walk in the “bush” today.  Lewis has been telling me for two years to “start bush walking”, so finally I did.  Today was the day.  While I had to cut it a little short (due to me traveling to Tokyo tomorrow and needing to get home to organize things) it was still wonderful to fill the lungs with fresh, crisp, forest air.

Here’s a quick photo (from my iPhone).


Looking forward to next weekend… perhaps another walk, or perhaps some time in the kitchen being creative.

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