July 20, 2009

Darts is such an interesting game, especially in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.  For some time I’ve wondered about the source of said popularity and why it would be allowed in a public bar.  I mean, allowing inebriated people to throw very pointy and sharp sticks at a wall creates all kinds of opportunities for public injury.  The public liability insurance must be a nightmare.

As it turns out, Darts is not popular for the same reasons other sports are popular.  You really aren’t required to be “fit” in the traditional sense of a “sport” to play the game – you need to have another kind of “fitness”.

This clip from “Smith and Jones” on “Not the Nine O’Clock News” captures the “fitness” capabilities to be successful at Darts.


Bacon Vodka

July 8, 2009

I have to make some of this Bacon Flavored Vodka.

[1,000,201 people have requested Bacon Vodka. Only 1 person has actually made it]


Things British MP’s have yet to claim on expenses

May 16, 2009

In what apparently was one of the worst weeks for British politics, mainly due to the awesome power of the Freedom of Information Act and it’s ability to allow the mortal citizens of the United Kingdom to discover (with some horror) the things that British Members of Parliament (MP’s) have been claiming as “reasonable expenses”, I though it might be fun to develop list some things that have yet to be claimed.  Here’s my list so far…

  • Truffle Hunting Pigs (ie: truffling pigs)
  • In-house Pheasant Plucker
  • Toe waxing machine (with Toe wax)
  • In-house nose hair trimmer
  • Mahogany Trouser Press (oh no… that one’s been claimed already)

Feel free to add a comment with your suggestions.

[100% of MP’s surveyed believed that “truffling pigs” should be a “reasonable expense”]


Ship “ahoy”

April 27, 2009

The Ship was rocking on the weekend.  After returning Saturday morning from Tokyo, I managed to have some “quality time” at the local. Of course, this summer things are a little different.  It seems every weekend there’s a stage band.


It was great to catchup with a few friends, enjoy the British Sun (yup it showed up for the afternoon) and attempt to recover from jetlag.

[203 out of 203 people voted this was the “place to be” in England on Saturday]


Free Credit Reports…

April 23, 2009

I’m confused… With so many companies are offering “free” credit reports and so many of them spamming me about receiving them, why don’t they just save time and send me the actual report instead of emails about a free report?  

I mean, they’ve already got my email address (and probably other personal information).  Just send me the report and save yourselves and myself time (and network traffic, power, etc etc)

[95% of people surveyed believed “free credit reports” are clogging the internet and are thus responsible for increasing global warming]


There’s nothing like fresh air!

April 18, 2009

Finally managed to get out of London for a walk in the “bush” today.  Lewis has been telling me for two years to “start bush walking”, so finally I did.  Today was the day.  While I had to cut it a little short (due to me traveling to Tokyo tomorrow and needing to get home to organize things) it was still wonderful to fill the lungs with fresh, crisp, forest air.

Here’s a quick photo (from my iPhone).


Looking forward to next weekend… perhaps another walk, or perhaps some time in the kitchen being creative.

[2 wild pheasants voted that I should do another walk next weekend]


Easter eggs for dogs!

March 22, 2009

For all of the non-believers out there, below is photo graphic proof that there is such a thing as “dog chocolate” and Easter eggs for dogs.


They’re not small either… you’d need a puppy/dog with a big appetite for these!

[43,230 Dogs Voted that they’d love to receive one of these for Easter, but acknowledge that they probably won’t]


Squirrel flavored crisps / chips?

March 22, 2009

What gives?  Yesterday at my local shop I noticed a new type of packet crisp at the service counter.  Seriously… check it out for yourself!


Ok, in the United Kingdom and London for that matter, apparently it’s legal to eat certain types of squirrel – not the local ones, but those pesky introduced varieties.  What I didn’t know however is that it’s all gone commercial!  

While I haven’t tried them, my guess is they are going to taste a bit nutty or chicken-like (doesn’t everything not beef based)

I do have some important questions though, most importantly;  Are these squirrels farmed or free-range?

While I know we’re in a recession, attacking innocent squirrels is the last thing I thought I’d see, especially on a crisp packet.

[10,324 London-based Squirrels have voted against this type of animal cruelty]


Sausage Rolls: Contains at least 12.5% pork

March 15, 2009

This was the text on a sign displayed by a stall owner at the London Borough Markets yesterday.  Don’t get me wrong, they are absolutely delicious sausage rolls and it’s obvious that the 87.5% pastry (and mysterious additives) are the awesome part… but why don’t they just advertise that?  I mean, shouldn’t they promote the stuff that makes them so damn tasty?

Awesome Sausage Rolls: Contains 87.5% pastry and mysterious additives.

Can’t wait to have them for lunch.  There’s no way I’m sharing.

[192 people voted that I should share my sausage roll]


Bacon Fighting?

March 13, 2009

If Bacon Fighting was a sport, could Bacon be the prize?